Globalization, Issues For Muslim State and Need for Moderation (Wasatiyyah)

  • muhammad adil iqbal sultan omar 'ali saifuddien centre for islamic studies, universiti brunei darussalam
  • DR SHAIKH ABDUL MABUD Associate Professor, Sultan Omar 'Ali Saifuddien Centre for Islamic Studies
Keywords: Globalisation, Muslim Ummah, Neo Liberalism, Wasatiyyah


Globalization has produced many concerns for Muslim societies and governments including crisis of legitimacy. There is a crisis of legitimacy within Islam which is creating a crisis of leadership and challenging the "mainstream." New ways must be found to credential and empower religious authorities. The resolution of this crisis may depend less on ideas than on institutions, and in particular on institutions that convince large segments of the Muslim community. Ordinary believers must he persuaded to follow the decisions of religious authorities. And people with inadequate credentials must be accorded a lesser standing. Getting ordinary Muslims to accept a new authority structure, however, will depend on whether that structure is responsive to today’s moral, political and social problems.

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