Methodology of Mullah Ali Qari in Compiling of Al Mouzuaat-ul-Kabir

Muhammad Waris Ali

  • Muhammad Waris Ali
Keywords: Islam, Prophet(PBUH), Hadith, Fake, Hadiths


Abstract:Hadith Sciences had its basics even in the Prophet’s era (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). But its detailed discussions were made in time and conditions according to the need and necessity. Now it has become a source of permanent and comprehensive knowledge. It is a matter of fact that there are a lot of books in which the scholars had thrown light on every aspect of this knowledge. One of these aspects is Fake Hadith (Hadees e Mouzu). Mullah Ali Qari Allah has compiled a book in this connection called Almouzuaat ul kabeer ( الموضوعات الکبیر) . He has collected the Ahadith in this book alphabetically. So it is very easy to find any Hadith. Apart from this he narrated the Hadiths and described various scholars' views about them and if any of them is narrated in other books of Hadith, he mentioned it. He also described some fake hadiths which were in fact the quotations of saints. If any Hadith is literally invalid but its meaning is valid he allowed to be acted upon. The author also narrates the Quranic verses regarding authenticity of Hadiths.

Author Biography

Muhammad Waris Ali

Lahore Garrison University, Lahore.

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