Education for All Goals: A Dream in the Presence of Child Labour In Pakistan

  • S. Farooq Shah Institute of Education & Research at University of Science & Technology Bannu, Pakistan.
  • Asghar Ullah Khan Department of Mass Communication and Media Studies, GOMAL University D.I. Khan, KPK, Pakistan.
  • Mati Ullah Department of Education and Research, University of Lakki Marwat. KPK, Pakistan.
  • Irfan Ullah Department of Education and Research, University of Lakki Marwat, KPK, Pakistan.
Keywords: Education for all Goals, Child Labour


Child labour is amongst one of the largest & foremost confronts for the accomplishment of the Education for All Goals in our country Pakistan. The in-hand article is an effort regarding prevailing situation of Child Labour in Pakistan & its inverse effects on the development towards the achievement of the EFA Goals. This article reached the conclusion that Child Labour is often caused as a result of the culture, attitude, commitment & priorities of the society & the states which not only has increased the number of Child Labourers but has become a strong & rigid obstacle to the EFA Goals, particularly, for young children. Though the Pakistani states has shown its full dedication to the EFA map, nevertheless, futile execution of procedure, rapid change in political setups, cultural constraints, lack of qualified teachers, missing of basic infrastructure facilities, insecurity, lawlessness, natural disasters, lack of commitment towards girls education, priorities in Govt budgetary allocation, lack of literacy awareness campaigns, gender discrimination & lack of reforms in the education sector are some of the key confronts. Skirmishing Child Labour & the attainment of EFA should be one the most desired & preferred Goals in Pakistan. So, Pakistani states requires comprehensive & inclusive efforts at all levels, i.e., individual, family, society & the states levels especially private sector & all other stakeholders should come forward on emergency basis to boost EFA & to remove the evil of Child Labour from the Pakistani society forever.