Estimating The Resultant of Office Design of Employee Performance: Evidence from Employees From NADRA

  • Muhammad Faisal Sultan KUBS-UoK, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
  • Mehwish Jabeen Department of Public Administration, UoK, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
  • Ali Raza Qureshi QEC, Lahore Garrison University, Punjab, Pakistan.
Keywords: Office Design, Employee Performance, NADRA, Pakistan


Office ergonomics is treated as one of the two most important factors along with work environment. Although there are several studies on both factors but most of the studies are found to be focusing on elements from both factors simultaneously. Therefore, there is a requirement of research work which might focus on these two elements separately. Hence this is the study which is intensively focusing on impact of office design elements on employee performance with reference to NADRA, Karachi. The reason behind selection of NADRA as the point of reference for data collection is the study of as study of Jaffri (2015), indicated the severe lacking office design elements in NADRA, Pakistan. Although prior study was not done on extensively upon managerial level employees, neither it has detailed inventory of variables. Therefore, legitimate to declare the current study is one of the pervasive one and use of SMART PLS is also making the study unique in comparison to any other done in this domain. Results of the study are significantly different from the study conducted in 2015 and thus it is legitimate to induce post-positivism as the philosophical stance with this study.