The Responsibilities of Executive Leader at University: A Narrative Study

  • Uzma Syeda Gilani University of Science and Technology, Bannu, KPK, Pakistan
  • Umar Ali Khan Preston University, Kohat, KPK, Pakistan
Keywords: Executive Leader, University, Vice Chancellor, Responsibilities, Narrative


The leadership is the leading and burning issue and solely responsible for the success and failure of all the organizations including the higher education institutions. It is the leadership whose main role is the inspiration and motivation of students towards their curriculum and workforces for the attainment of institutional tasks and responsibilities effectively. The vice-chancellor is the sole academic and the administrative leader of the University. This study narrated the views of selective Vice Chancellors of KP, Pakistan regarding performing their responsibilities.  A structured interview was coded into the responsibility theme and thenconducted face to face interview from each leader at their respective universities. The data was the transcript, compared through the tables and interpreted in the form of conceptual map. The trustworthiness of the study was based on persistent observation, member checking, and debriefing. There were differences in their narrative views regarding their strengths and weakness, hiring eligibility, their point of difficulty of decision making, criticism faced by subordinates from person to person