The Influence of Students’ feedback on Teaching Effectiveness and Students’ satisfaction at Higher Education level: Students’ Perspective

  • Nasrullah Channa Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering,science & Texchnology,Nawabshah
  • Anjum Bano Kazimi Department of Education and Social SciencesatIQRAUniversity, Gulshan Campus Karachi, Pakistan
Keywords: Students’ feedback, Feedback Belief, Feedback Importance, Feedback Effect, Teaching effectiveness and students’ satisfaction, Higher Education Level.


Although with the rapid number of increased public and private higher education institutions in Pakistan, today the biggest challenge for stakeholders and the educational institutions is to ensure quality of higher education. The current study was aimed at investigating the influence of student feedback on teaching effectiveness and students’ satisfaction. The research philosophy of this study is positivism and the research design is explanatory design. The research approach is deductive reasoning. The type of investigation is causal study. The population of this study is all engineering universities of Sindh. Sample size was n=1066 collected from undergraduate students of ten public and private institutions in university setting. The unit of analysis for quantitative study is individual university student.  The time horizon for this study was cross-sectional. Sampling technique was probability sampling wherein simple random sampling technique was used for data collection. Cronbach Alpha Reliability of the instrument (34 items) was 0.938 which was considered quite good (Hair, Black, Babin, Anderson, & Tatham, 2011).Quantitative data were analyzed through statistical software, AMOS version 22 wherein 2nd Order CFA and SEM were performed.

The results of study revealed that students’ feedback has a significant impact on teaching effectiveness at higher education level and teaching effectiveness has a significant impact on students’ satisfaction at higher education level as (β=1.553, p value=0.000) and (β=0.981, p value=0.000) respectively. This study recommends that student feedback is valid, consistent, and reliable for the teaching effectiveness and students’ satisfaction. Seminars and workshops should be arranged on the importance of student feedback for creating awareness and trust building among the students and faculty. Faculty should ensure to address short comings in teaching and learning process and student feedback may be utilized positively for the teaching effectiveness and students’ satisfaction at higher education level.