The role of Unsolicited SMS Marketing in Driving Consumers’ Buying Behavior through Consumer Perception

  • Muahmmad Saleem School of Business and Management Sciences, Minhaj University Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Bilal Mustafa School of Business and Management Sciences, Minhaj University Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Keywords: Appeal, Irritation, Unsolicited, Consumer Perception, Buying Behavior


In last few decades, increasing advancements in technology and extensive usage of smartphones has increased the trend of unsolicited SMS marketing. Hence, organizations consider this marketing technique as an opportunity to boost their marketing efforts and to influence customers to make purchases. However, still there is vague understanding in the contemporary literature that how such marketing activities lead consumers’ perception toward buying behavior or to make purchase and repurchase. The idea behind the study is to identify that how unsolicited SMS marketing create consumer perception to purchase certain products and how this perception affect consumer buying behavior. For that purpose, we distributed 500 questionnaire to a random sample of those consumers who make extensive usage of smartphones. Although we used PLS-SEM to analyze the relationship of independent and dependent variables. Our findings suggest that unsolicited SMS marketing is a fundamental technique and has positive and significant impact on consumer perception to make a purchase of certain goods. However, once a consumer perceive that he/she will make this purchase then it will ultimately lead the consumer to reflect buying behavior and to make that purchase. Additionally, our findings also reveal the puzzle that unsolicited SMS marketing also has indirect effect on consumer buying behavior through consumer perception.