Investigating relationship between Induction Trainings Program and Professional development of Newly appointed Teachers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

  • Muhammad Idris Department of Education, AWKUM
  • Mehnaz Begum University of Swabi, KPK, Pakistan
  • Said Saeed E&SED KP
Keywords: Induction Program; Training; Teachers’ Professional Development; Primary and Secondary Level; Trainee Teachers


The study aims to investigate Induction training under the umbrella of PITE and its relationship to the professional development of newly appointed teachers. Main objectives of this paper were to ascertain the induction program of PITE and identify correlation of induction training programs with teachers’ professional development. The population was 14856 trainee teachers. The sample was selected through simple random and convenient sampling techniques [n-594+14].  The mixed-method methodology was adopted to gather data from the unit of analysis through questionnaire and interviews.  Descriptive and inferential statistics were employed for quantitative data and thematic analysis for qualitative data. Large correlation was noted with r-value (.621) showing significance of induction training program with professional development of newly appointed teachers at primary and secondary levels. It is suggested that PITE and RITEs may be involved in providing training occasions for the skilled improvement of newly hired teachers for the achievement of organizational goals.