The impact of Data Science in Digital Journalism

  • Noreen Aleem Department of Media & Communication Studies, Sindh Madresstul Islam University, Karachi
  • Ali Raza Qureshi QEC, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore, Punjan, Pakistan
  • Fazli Hussain Dep,artment of Media Sciences at IlMA University Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Keywords: Data Science, Big Data, Social Media Analytics, Digital Journalism Analytics


Social media is a robust platform and it has a lot of beneficial implications. In an era of technological advancements, mankind is surrounded by electronic means of communication, and networking or communication has become easier than ever. It is very easy for a person sitting in an Asian city to interact with someone in Northern America. Likewise, people are now more informed about daily events and news taking place all over the world. These social networks have become a substantial tool for unstructured data from different domains which include business, government organizations, and individuals. Many data analytical firms are extracting this data in a systemic pattern which refers to the term “Data Science”. However, the purpose o this aligned data is to target defined and scattered audience to control/change their mindsets or picture in the head. The prime focus of this study would be to summarize the impact of data sciences in Digital Journalism as well as how alarming this can be in terms of authenticity, reliability, or being stated as a word of mouth.