Investigating Authentic Leadership of two Universities-Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan and Swat in Pakistan: A Cross-Culture Comparative study

  • Muhammad Idris Department of Education, AWKUM, KPK, Pakistan.
  • Said Saeed Authentic Consultancy and Research Center, KPK, Pakistan.
Keywords: Leadership; Authentic Leadership Attributes; Authenticity; Culture; Cross-Cultural Comparison


Defenders of NCT-National Culture Theory have reported that because of inconsistencies in regional ethos, prospects, and attractiveness, priorities in standard structures are affected. However, the Godparents of Authentic Leadership Theory (ALT) introduced a trustworthy front-runner as straightforward and translucent irrespective of culture. This study investigated the preferred authentic leadership attributes (ALA) using in two universities AWKUM and Swat from leaders' and followers' points of view. A mixed-method methodology was employed to collect data from 50 participants, 25 in the separate institution of higher education. It was shown by the result that participants, although in diverse traditional settings, having universally joint predilections to certain ALA. Nevertheless, but more or less traits were explicit regionally. It was suggested that some traits have universality while others particular to the background framework, so by delineating genuineness in a management setting, particular predilections can be regarded. The results of research work contributed to a multicultural aspect of traits to authentic leadership theory regardless of timelessness and townlessness. Future researchers are further suggested that such types of comparative research investigations must be steered at different levels of education.