Ethical Leadership and Leave Intention among Nurses: The Roles of Occupational Commitment and Psychological Empowerment

  • Kaleem Ullah Irfan National College of Business Administration, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Talat Islam Institute of Business Administration, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Punjab , Pakistan.
Keywords: Ethical Leadership, Psychological Empowerment, Occupational Commitment, Leave Intention, Social Exchange Theory


The study aims to investigate ethical leadership's impact on employee's leave intention. The study proposes a moderating mediation model examining ethical leadership's (EL) impact on leave intention (LI) through the mediation of occupational commitment (OC) and moderation of psychological empowerment (PE). Survey-based questionnaires were distributed among 600 nursing staff of three big cities of Punjab, Pakistan. SEM was applied for the results that revealed a positive association between EL and LI. In addition, findings suggested strong mediation of occupational commitment between ethical leadership and leave intention and moderation of psychological empowerment between EL and OC. Overall, this study was an attempt to encourage commitment among Pakistan's nursing staff in this pandemic covid-19 situation.