Does Better Brand Management Influences Consumer Purchase Decisions? Covid-19 Challenges from Pakistan Banking Sector

  • Farhan Mirza KUBEAC Department, University of Management and Technology, Sialkot Campus, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Sohail Younus KUBEAC Department, University of Punjab, Jhelum Campus, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Sarina Sherazi Department of Social Sciences and Business Management, The Millennium Universal College, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Ali Zeeshan University of Management and Technology, Sialkot Campus, Punjab, Pakistan
Keywords: Brand Equity, Brand Image, Brand Loyalty, Brand Association, Consumer Purchase Decision


Banking Sector (BS) is facing more enormous challenges due to the quick spread of NOVEL COVID-19, which locked people's lives over the globe. Brand management is one of the critical concerns. Organizations are managing their brand to attract potential customers from the market in this pandemic situation. For this objective, data have been collected from 210 customers of banking organizations. Data have been gathered using a snowball sampling method, which allows the respondents to spread the questionnaire link with their friends; this study has used SPSS to analyze the data. However, the findings of the study have portrayed that brand management substantially influences consumer purchase behavior. Therefore, whenever organizations develop their strategies to attract potential customers, organizations can increase brand performance by efficiently managing it. Moreover, when customers link with the brand, they use it to learn about customer service and corporate bank strategies.