Relationship of Goal Adjustment and Psychological Well-Being among Women with Veil And Unveil

  • Rabia Rashid Department of Applied Psychology , LGU Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Uzma Ilyas Department of Applied Psychology, LGU Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
Keywords: Veiled Women, Un-Veiled Women Psychological Well-Being, Goal Disengagement


The present research aimed to see the relationship of goal adjustment and psychological well-being in veiled and unveiled women. Correlation research design was employed on a sample of 240 women (n= 120 veiled women; n=120 unveiled women), which was collected through purposive sampling. The sample was collected from Lahore, Pakistan. The research instruments included Goal Adjustment Scale and Psychological Well-Being Scale. In this study descriptive statistics, t-test, correlation and hierarchal regression were used. The results of Pearson Correlation coefficient revealed a positive relationship between goal adjustment capacities and psychological well-being. t-test analysis revealed veiled women to be more psychological well than unveiled women. It was also revealed that positive relationship existed between the subscale of psychological well-being; self[1]acceptance and both goal disengagement and goal reengagement in veiled women. While negative relationship was found out between psychological well-being and goal disengagement in unveiled women. This study also revealed that goal adjustment capacities predict psychological well-being.