A Comparative Study in The Manifestation of Aggression Among The Female Students Belonging to Different Socio Economic

  • Ayesha Kanwal


In the present research aggressive behavior of hundred female children were studied who belonged to different socio economic classes. The result shows that there is a difference between manifestations of aggression in the female children belonging to different socio economic classes. The data was collected through the Questionnaire technique. The female children of the age group 11 to 13 years were selected for study. It was “Purposive Sampling”. The selection of specific population for a number of reasons. First, the selection of specific population is helpful to a great extent in controlling some of the interfering variable. Second, it brings homogeneity, which makes the relation of observations more useful. Thirdly, it helps to increase the validity of generalization. Fourth, it facilitates sampling. Lahore schools were selected because of the convenience of the researcher as she has self-lives in Lahore, besides she knew most of the staff members an expected full cooperation from them. Aggressive behavior of just female’s students was studies. The girls selected for study were found understanding in six, seventh and eight classes. The students in these classes mostly fell under the age group of 11, 12, 13 years