Investigation of Various Social Problems Faced by Parents Regarding Girls Higher Education at Rawalpindi District

  • Ayesha Kanwal NTS head Quarter Islamabad, Pakistan.
Keywords: Parents, Female Students, Higher Education, Rawalpindi District, Pakistan


The aim of the study was to highlight the problems of the parents of female students at higher education level. In the progress of human capital and overall economic and socio cultural development, higher education of women plays significant part. The first objective of the study was to identify the problems that parents face regarding their girl‟s education at higher education level. To find out the intensity of problems that parents have to face regarding their girls higher education was the second objective of the study. The third objective of the study was to analyze the problems that parents have to face regarding their daughter‟s higher education. To suggest guidelines to solve these problems and minimize their impact was the fourth objective of the study. The design of the study was descriptive. Population of the study comprised of all the parents of female students at higher education level of district Rawalpindi. Sample of the study was selected on two stages. At first stage, 100 parents of institute were selected randomly. Data were collected by using simple randomized sampling technique through proportional allocation method using questionnaire. Instrument for data collection was self-report questionnaire that was consisted social problems, female education, and parent’s problems regarding their daughter’s education. In order to achieve the objective of the study, a self-administered and well-structured questionnaire was developed. The questionnaire was finalized after conducted a pilot study. A self-developed five point Likert scale questionnaire was used to data collection by the researcher. Chi –square, standard deviation, mean and percentage statistical test were applied to analyze data. Results of the study indicated social problems, religious misconceptions and law and order issues were identified was major problems of parents. Recommendations were made for administration, parents and also for students to overcome the social problems of female students.