Advertisement Based Factors Determining Apparel Buying Behaviour of Young Vs. Old Pakistani Females

  • Zainab Shafaat Department of Home Economics, LGU, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Hafiza Saadia Sharif IR Department, LGU, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Keywords: Pakistani Females, Advertisement Factors, Apparel Buying Behavior


Market for fashion apparel has become diverse by great increase of designer brands, personalization, custom designers and advertisement in the today’s global market place. A clear understanding of preferences of consumers will benefit the marketer to attract and maintain loyalty among their potential consumer group. Purpose of the study is to understand the underlying factors such as advertisements, motivation, cultural surveillance, values and believes, and thinking patterns that influences the buying decision of customers. This research was conducted to examine the key advertisement based factors influencing the apparel buying behavior of Pakistani females. A comparison was also made between the factors influencing buying behavior of young and old Pakistani females. For this purpose semi structured interviews were conducted of both young females 18-30 years and old females 35-50. Facebook, internet websites, fashion magazines and billboards were found to be effective advertisement methods.