The China - Pakistan Axis Asia’S New Geo-Politics NY Andrew Small

  • Mahmud Bashir Bajwa Registrar, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.


Andrew Small‟s The China – Pakistan Axis‟ published on Jan 15, 2015 is extremely well researched and highly authentic work on South Asia‟s geo-political environment today. Small studied and closely watched developments in South Asia ranging from peace to unrest, from economy to foreign relations and from regional to global interests. Building of China – Pakistan axis has been a devel9opment of gigantic proportions but strangely it went unnoticed internationally. The story of China Pakistan relations is wrought with paradoxes and ironies but it has never sagged in sincerity and friendship. The book comprised seven exclusive Chapters, a gripping prologue and a revealing epilogue. Its study points out that developments in South Asia in recent times are bound to have telling effect on the course of history in coming times. Asia’s political strife, India’s monumental rise and progress, regional nuclear equation, mapping of mineral resources, ports and pipelines, prospective energy corridor newer formation of alliances and power blocs elude to South Asia becoming a global hub with regard to convergence of political interests and economic and strategic stakes. Amazingly China – Pakistan relations despite being intriguing marked by spurts of tensions and misgivings have never declined in mutual trust, goodwill and strength. Small rightly points out that recently China – Pakistan nexus has moved forward in historical strides while this strategic development has been overlooked by World Powers for long time.