Influence of Workplace Fun and Employment Experience on Creative Process Engagement: Mediating Role of Job Embeddedness

  • Zikra Wazir Qureshi Student, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Maryam Saeed Hashmi Lahore College for Women University, Lahore Pakistan
  • Hafiza Rabia Saeed Hashmi UCP Business School, UCP Lahore
Keywords: Workplace Fun, Employment Experience, Job Embeddedness, Creative Process Engagement, Pakistan.


The primary goal of this research is to examine the impact of Workplace fun and Employment Experience on Creative Process engagement among employee of software houses of Pakistan. In this paper, Job Embeddedness is perceived to mediate among Workplace Fun-Employment Experience and Creative Process Engagement. For analyzing, structured questionnaire was utilized to gather information from 303 full-time employees of software house from Lahore, Pakistan. The data was tested by using structural equation modeling (SEM) and for this AMOS 22 and SPSS 20 was utilized to test the proposed relationships. The results obtained through SEM, indicated that Workplace Fun and Employment Aspects played a significant role both directly through Job Embeddedness at software house employees and indirectly via Creative Process Engagement. Further, the most dominant predictors on CPE were Workplace fun dimensions (fun activities, coworker socialization, fun job responsibilities and managers support for fun). As Workplace Fun to some degree, really a new topic in research field and up-to-date few studies grasp this concept in the developing countries. This study is one in research that investigated creativity and engagement in a unitary term i.e. Creative process Engagement. This paper adds valuable knowledge as well provide managerial and practical implications for the organization management.