Analysing Commercial Banks Performance through E-HRM Functions: Evidence from Pakistan

  • Shahid Kalim Khan
  • Amir Sohail Department of Commerce, Thal University Bhakkar.
  • Rizwan Ali Department of Management Sciences, University of Central Punjab, Lahore.
Keywords: Electronic Human Resource Management, E-recruitment and selection, E-training, E-motivation and E-communication


This study aimed to investigate the impact of the functions of electronic human resource management (E-HRM) within an organization on its banking performance. In reference to previous studies, the researcher developed the research model to investigate how the application of E-HRM impacts banking performance in terms of Information technology, E-recruitment and selection, E-training, E-motivation and E-communication. This study followed a quantitative methodology by using a questionnaire tool. The study population was managerial level employees of banking sector in Pakistan. The findings of the results indicate that Information Technology, recruitment and selection, Training and Motivation has significant effect on banks profitability and Communication has insignificant effect on Bank performance. This study makes significant contributions. The study proved that successful use of e-HRM solutions enhances the profitability of the banking sector in Pakistan.