Utilizing Social Media Platforms for Soft Power Projection in East Asia: The Role of Digital Diplomacy (2015-2025)

  • Wania Waseem Kinnaird College for Women



This research examines the role of social media platforms in facilitating digital diplomacy for soft power projection in East Asia. Employing quantitative examination, the study integrates comprehensively to understand diplomatic strategies in the region. Theoretical frameworks of soft power and network diplomacy guide the investigation into how East Asian governments strategically employ social media to enhance their international influence. The research highlights key events, such as diplomatic summits like the ASEAN Regional Forum and the East Asia Summit, cultural exchanges including China's Confucius Institutes and Japan's Cool Japan initiative, and public diplomacy campaigns like South Korea's K-pop diplomacy. These events serve as case studies to illustrate successful instances of digital diplomacy in practice. This interdisciplinary investigation contributes to a nuanced understanding of the interplay between social media, soft power, and international relations. Furthermore, beyond diplomatic summits and cultural exchanges, other noteworthy events such as crisis responses and public outreach campaigns also play a significant role in shaping perceptions and influencing international relations. For instance, the rapid dissemination of information and coordinated responses on social media during natural disasters or geopolitical tensions can demonstrate a country's competence, resilience, and willingness to collaborate with other nations. Similarly, public outreach campaigns that showcase a country's achievements in areas such as technology, healthcare, or environmental sustainability can enhance its reputation and attractiveness on the global stage. The findings offer valuable insights for policymakers, diplomats, and scholars aiming to leverage digital platforms for effective soft power projection in East Asia and beyond.

Keywords: Digital diplomacy, East Asia, soft power.