Functions of Code-Switching in a Private Chat on Facebook

Dr Farida Yasmin Panhwar

  • Farida Yasmin Panhwar Institute of English Language & Literature, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.
Keywords: Facebook, code-switching, loanwords, online interaction, linguistic competence


Code switching is a significant language feature of the multilingual countries like Pakistan. The term code switching refers to the shift from one language to another. The main objective of this research is to explore the communicative functions of code switching by multilingual Sindhi speaking wife and husband in an inbox chat on Facebook. Applying the qualitative methodology, the data of one year chat was collected and varieties of functions using code switching theory of Blom and Gumperz (1972) as the theoretical framework. The findings of the study elucidate that Sindhi educated multilingual heavily utilize code switching for various communicative purposes like indexing identity, quotation, rephrasing, selfcorrection, metalinguistic, reported speech, idiomatic expressions, translation, expressing anger, humour, and euphemistic expressions in order to achieve their communicative goals.