The Effects of Meer in Urdu poetry

  • Haroon Rao
Keywords: Trend setter, Role model, Confess, Back grounnd, Revolutionized, Literary work, Greatness, Derived


Meer`s poetry has some basic theoretical,ethical and universal elements.These elements consists of:tradition of Persian poetry,Sufism and issues of Sufism, philosophies of oneness of Allah(Tauheed), greatness of mankind, temporariness of humanlife,moral and ethical concepts and concepts of beauty and love.Meer is known as torch bearer to promote lingual and literal consciousness in his era.In this way he became a trend setter and role model for world of creative work and literature.Urdu poetry cannot free itself from the effects of greatness of Meer`s poetry.Some of poets of post Meer`s era openly accept and confess his effects on their writings as well as  poetry.Many poets have derived poetical trends,back grounds and themes from Meer`s poetical views.In this research article an effort has been made to admit and confess that Meer`s poetry has revolutionized Urdu poetry especially “Ghazal”.Therefore he is known as Khuda-e –Sukhan(god of words).