The A few days in Persia: Creative trends of intellectual tendencies

  • Dr.Saira Irshad Lecturer, Department of Urdu, Governmnet Sadiq College Women Univerity, Bahawalpur
Keywords: Land of Persia, Insight, Preaching, Insightful Scenes, Eyesight, Mysteries and Secrets, Cultural Center.


Travelogue is a genre of literature which gives an insight into the culture, history and geography of any region. Travelogues are written in more or less every language of the world for different purposes, motives and needs. An excellent travelogue thoroughly examines the society, civilization, ethics, history and geographical boundaries. Mohammad Khalid Khan's travelogue "A Few Days in Persia" is based on tourism in Iran. Muhammad Khalid Khan described this travelogue in great detail and in a very charming way. Mentioning historical places, the tradition has been well explained, which makes it easy to understand the past and present of important places at the same time. The travelogue "A Few Days in Persia" is very wide-ranging.



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