The revival of Urdu language and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

  • Dr. Tahmina Abbas
Keywords: sir syed ahmed khan, urdu language, tahzeeb ul iklaq, asbab e baghawat e hind, tarikh sarkashi e bijnore, khutbaat e ahmadiya


Sir Syed Ahmad Khan had verstyle personality. At the time when Sir Syed's literary period began, there was no notable prose creation in the Urdu language except the story. During this period, Urdu was the spoken language, but Persian was given priority for writing and compilation. Sir Syed's far-sighted eyes examined all these reasons and found ways for the development of Urdu language. With his efforts, Sir Syed made Urdu one of the top languages ​​of the world. He wrote articles in Urdu with fluency and with his influence. His articles published in "Tehbihul-ul-Akhlaq" have priority among Urdu articles. His works written in Urdu language, ‘‘Tarikh Sarkshi Bijnoor’’, ‘‘Risala Asaab Baghawat e Hind’’, “Khutbat-e- Ahmadiyya”, “Aasaar e sanadeed”, are counted among the important works of this period. Sir Syed is the founder of modern Urdu prose. The language has been given an important place among the important languages ​​of the world. In this paper, the efforts made by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan regarding the revival of Urdu language and literature have been studied.