The Educational and Literary Concepts of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

  • Dr. Shahid Ashraf
Keywords: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan concept Urdu, Politics religion


Sir Syed Ahmed khan has given valuable services regarding politics, education and religion. It is the distinct thing that on all three levels, they have also had to face a strong opponent. It is not easy to defy tradition and welcome the modern after the movement of Syed Ahmed Barelvi, he realized that the lost prestige was possible only through practical politics, educational reforms and religious ijtihad. So he has performed the duty of guidance of Muslims at the same time on all three levels. In this regard, the publication of the magazine rebellion, the establishment of the scientific society and the issuance of civilization are important. Later on, the foundation of Aligarh University was laid, which collectively helped to promote scientific thinking. The current era requires that the movement of knowledge and literature should be brought to light so that sectarianism, linguistic prejudice and religious hatred can come out. This article examines the current situation in the context of Sir Syed's scholarly and literary views. At the same time, such measures have been proposed, which can help to promote knowledge and literature compatible with modern requirements. In this regard, Sir Syed can be declared the greatest benefactor of the 21th century. In the light of his views, the educational and literary requirements of the 21st century can be met.