The Sir Syed and independence movement

  • Muhammad Tariq
Keywords: Bahadur shah Zafar, subcontinent, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan independence, Freedom movement


In 1857 war of Independance ,Bahadur Shah Zafar`s defeat and the British`s victory had averted the entire scenario of sub-continent.It resulted that the rulers were became the slaves who were striving hard to secure their lives.The same history was repeated their subject too.The Muslims of sub-continent faced every type of torture and injustice.The Muslims were thrown to the jails, the scaffolds were made ready to hangout them.The Muslim families were suffering from financial crunch and the worst circumstances .It seemed that doom and depressionwere made finalized.Among these dejected circumstances,Sir Syed emerged as a Masiha of knowledge and wisdom stood stalwort in front of British.This article enlightens the services of Sir Syed for Freedom Movement.