The Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's Journalistic & Literary Services in the Context of Pakistan Movement

  • Dr. Shamim Kausar
Keywords: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Pakistan Movement, Tahzeeb-ul-Akhlaq, Scientifice Society, Muslim Education, Aligarh University, English Education, Sub-continent, The British Rule


Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Started a weekly journnal Tahzeeb-ul- Akhlaq. He wished to establish a scientific society, for the translation of western literture into urdu. He wrote a number of essays to mould the brain of the Muslims as they used to hate and consider the English education against the norms of Islam. Sir Syed had a dream of bringing back the past glory of the Muslims. For the purpose, he played a vital role for the perogress of the Muslims. In this article, his journalistic and literaery services in the context of Pakistan movement have been analysed.