The Philosophy of Education of Akbar & Iqbal

  • Dr Muhammad Luqman
Keywords: Akbar, Iqbal, Philosophy of Education, Sub-continent, Self Respect, Muslim Identity


Akbar and Iqbal are famous for their poetry and thoughts consisting of revolutionary ideas pertaining to education, social system and political scenario. They presented efficacious and purposeful philosophy of education in their poetry. They were against conformation and conceded the usefulness of science and technology. They want to procure the peculiarities of observation, invention, experiences and innovation in education through their philosophy. They gave the message of brotherhood, peace and prosperity through their poetry. They intend to educate the Muslim women but were against their unfair libertine. Their philosophy of Education strengthens the faith of students in self respect and Muslim identity. Their educational philosophy is a great source of virility, omnipotence and exhilaration.