Interrelationship of History, Civilization, Unconformity & Urdu Literature

  • Dr Rahmat Ali Shad Principle, Govt. Associate College Kameer Town Sahiwal
Keywords: History & Culture, Civilization, Urdu Literature, Customs & Traditions, Folklores, Literature & Culture, Literary Trends


History took its origin from tales and fables. Then, every passing moment of time rendered maturity to human experience and it blessed the consciousness of man with light. Man, since the birth of the world till present era, has been passing through various ages. Man has covered the different stages of progress with unique culture and civilisation of his time. Thus, he has been gathering wisdom and powerful sensibilty on his eternal journey. The study of culture and civilisation includes man's living customs and traditions, philosophy and ideas, various sciences, principles of politics and economics, language and literature, tales and folklores, rites and religions etc. Culture and civilisation has lasting impression on literature of every age. The root cause of moral barrenness and crisis of our character is our indifference from history and disharmony with our culture.