Background of Urdu Script

  • Hafiz Ghulam Murtaza PhD Scholar, Department of Urdu, Govt. College University, Lahore
  • Dr Almas Khanum Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, Govt College University, Lahore
Keywords: Script, History of Scripts, Naskh, Kufi, Nastaliq, Urdu Language, Arabic, Persian, Oriental Languages.


The story of the origin of script is hidden in the deep veils of the past and to reach it, the origin of language has to be considered. It is certain that the language was born before the script and reached the destination of meaningful words after completing a cultural journey of many centuries. Script refers to the written expression of a language through specific words. Every script has its own limitations as per its use and applicability. All languages have specific scripts with certain qualities and shortcomings. Oriental languages also use different scripts with many variations such as ‘Naskh’, ‘Kufi’ and ‘Nastaliq’. Origin and development of these scripts in relation to the Urdu language and its script have been analyzed in this article with special historic perspective.