National Defense in the Light of Literature

  • Dr Arif Hussain PhD Urdu, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad
  • Shakeel Ahmad Khan PhD Scholar, Department of Urdu National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad
Keywords: National Defense, Pakistan Army, Patriotic Literature, Urdu Language, Urdu Literature, War Songs, National Songs, Literary History.


Defense of a country is always considered a national duty for all citizens because a country with strong defense guarantees a safe and secure nation. After the establishment of Pakistan, it was targeted by the enemy on various occasions, but Pakistan Army defeated the enemy every time by defending the country strongly. While the army showed the essence of its bravery, the authors, poets and writers also participated in these wars and wrote songs, poems and literature for the country. By means of writing these pieces of literature, the defense of the country was also made successful through strengthening patriotism and love for the homeland. This article throws light on the literature written to build national harmony with special reference to Urdu language.