An Analytical Study of the Main Characters in the Fictions of Allama Rashid ul Khairi

  • Dr. Tahir Ali Shah Head o Urdu Department، Northern University, Nowshera
  • Dr. Muhammad Altaf Yousufzai Head of Urdu Department Hazara University, Mansehra
Keywords: Allama Rashid ul Khairi, Musawar-e-Gham, Urdu Fictions, Urdu Literature, Fiction Characterization, Religious Traditions, Feminism, Social Rights, Women’s Right, Male Dominated Society.


Allama Rashid ul Khairi is considered to be a pioneer of Urdu short stories. His work is primarily centered on women's basic and social rights. He was a reformer who conveyed his thoughts and ideas in connection with Islamic teachings through his stories. Essentially, Rashid created various characters to challenge the behavior of a male-dominated society, including characters from feudal systems, the middle class, and the lower-middle class, all aimed at safeguarding women's rights in the early twentieth century in the Indian subcontinent. Main characters of the fictions of Rashid have been critically analyzed in this paper.