A Stylistic Review of Maulana Muhammad Hussain Azad's Essay "Sair-e-Zindagi"

  • Usama Munawar Ph.D Scholar, Department of Urdu, Muslim Youth University, Islamabad.
  • Dr. Muhammad Arif Farhad Head of Urdu Department, Muslim Youth University, Islamabad.
Keywords: Maulana Muhammad Hussain Azad, Nairang-e-Khayal, Sair-e-Zindagi, Stages of Life, Aab-e-Hayat, Urdu Literature, Urdu Prose, Literary Criticism.


Maulana Muhammad Hussain Azad’s essay "Sair-e-Zindagi" describes life and its different stages. The essay starts with the words of a sage that when a person comes into the world, he is completely ignorant and innocent. Then there is childhood, which he finds in the form of a beautiful and carefree life, and then there is youth, which is a beautiful, exciting and colorful period of life, and it is full of emotions and desires. After that, gradually the organs of a person start to decay and he moves from youth to old age. By going to old age, he becomes greedier about life. A critical review of the said essay is presented in this article highlighting the characteristics pertaining to style and diction of the writer.