The Intellectual Representative of the School of objective Criticism: Azhar Ghouri

  • Dr Muhammad Amjad Abid Associate Professor, Department of Urdu, University of Education, Lahore
  • Dr. Fouzia Shehzadi Assistant Professor Urdu (Visiting) Division of Education, University of Education, Township, Lahore
Keywords: Azhar Ghori, Geography, Criticism, Globlization, Culture, Civilization, Objectivity, Dictatorship, Democracy


Object oriented approach of criticism has its roots in post continental philosophies based on perdiction and vision. Azhar Ghouri has strong advocacy for universalization of values and global adaptation of critical thinking styles. He believes in sublimity of Art and architecture regardless of classic or modern as a label for critical analysis. He believes in exploration of ideas and vision with insight in any piece of literature beyond its mechanical structure. Colonialism, exploitation, industrialisation, hunger, fear, shelter, peace and justice are controversial in global village according to A. G which needed to be reflected in art and literature in modes of individual’s interest. Author of this artical has explored gross root level realities and fundamental beliefs of object oriented approach in literary works of A.G. The agitation through pen has always been an eye opener initiative to stimulate the reader same has been highlighted by the author in the artical.