Political and Social Consciousness in Muhammad Aleem Ismail's Fiction

محمدعلیم اسماعیل کے افسانوں میں سیاسی و سماجی شعور

  • Shahmir Ahmed Malik Ph.D Scholar, Department of Urdu, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  • Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Azmi Associate Proffessor, Director Translation and Interpretation Center, Minhaj University Lahore.
Keywords: Life, Issues, Political, Social, Fictions, Reflection, Muhammad Aleem Ismail, Hard Work, Man


In this article, the political and social consciousness in Muhammad Aleem Ismail's fictions has been carefully examined. Common life problems, performance of political leaders, trust, betrayal, deception and responsibilities of country conditions, reflection of life's struggles, physical and emotional pain, dedication to family and profession and facing challenges with hard work, courage and courage.  Moments of happiness, sadness and harsh realities of life, incidents of helping the needy, difficult situations, steadfastness, perfection of emoting and detailing, the fragility of life, sacrifices made for family, being seen to cope with illness.  The struggle, the reflection of the complexities of human existence, the professional problems faced by the non-grant school teacher, the narrative of sacrifice, dedication, and the effects of social changes on the teaching profession, the teacher's strictness on the disobedient student and the resulting political influence.  Disciplinary failure due to influence reflects societal changes and challenges faced by teachers, wife's proposal to quit job due to financial difficulties. Themes of love, sacrifice, and emerging relationship dynamics, social expectations, individual Choices, and the importance of understanding and preserving family relationships, pressure from the mother on the son, and the son's concern for the mother's happiness, peace, and the impact of childhood memories and dreams on life are presented.


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