New dimensions of urdu short stories: Afsancha and Flash Fiction

اردو افسانہ کی نئی جہات:افسانچہ اور فلیش فکشن

  • Dr Farzana koukab Associate Professor, Department of Urdu, Bahauddin zakariya University, Multan
Keywords: Fiction, Shortstory, Modernera, Story, Trend, sudden Fiction,  Micro Fiction ,  Micro story.


In the modern era, many stories are coming out. New forms of fiction are in accordance with the contemporary requirements and are trying to make their place in Urdu literature. The experiences of fiction, microfiction, flash fiction, etc. Are becoming a part of Urdu literature. From what point of view these experiments of short fiction with long fiction are being seen and how literary is the artistic and intellectual landscape of the writers who are involved in this trend. In this research article, an attempt has been made to evaluate that the   How important role are contemporary requirements playing in presenting new trends in literature?


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