The Epistolary prose of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

  • Tauqir Ashraf
Keywords: Urdu Epistolary prose, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Urdu Prose, Sir Syed’s religious thoughts.


Epistolary prose is the cultural capital of a nation in which all the elements of a civilization are preserved. In the more or less 250 years of history of Urdu Epistolary prose, Urdu Letters has gone through many levels of styles, themes and linguistics. Up to the time of Sir Syed, Urdu prose had freed itself from styles like abstract techniques, Persian style and colorful writing. Sir Syed's epistolary prose also a fine example of his contemporary style, not only can the popular style of Urdu prose of this period be evaluated from them, but their letters are the most authentic sources for the interpretation and dissemination of Sir Syed's political, religious, social and academic ideas. In the article under review, an attempt has been made to understand Sir Syed's ideas and personality in the mirror of his correspondence.