The Poetry related with Allama Iqbal: A Research Study

  • Dr. Aamir Iqbal
  • Dr. Mushtaq Adil Department of Urdu, University of Sialkot
Keywords: Sensitive, Purpose, Intellectual, Research, Attributed, Allam Iqbal, Poetry



Poets are the most sensitive part of society. They present their feelings in words. Urdu language and literature has very competent experts. Everyone proved their mettle. Allama Iqbal is a respected name in Urdu language and literature. He used poetry for special purpose. His poems which are adorned with intellectual and artistic qualities brought revolution. These poems are presented as examples and references in every forum. People have a heartfelt attachment to Allama Iqbal. In modern times, wrong poems have been attributed to Allama Iqbal, which is very inappropriate. This is not the result of a conspiracy but just a lack of research. Whatever feels good is attributed to Allama Iqbal. The need for research is also not felt. There is a need for a research approach. Just a little research saves a lot of misleading results. This article highlights the merits of Urdu poetry. Short lines have been penned with reference to Urdu language and about the most important poets of today. Some poems have been wrongly attributed to Allama Iqbal. It should be corrected as a technical error. Studying this article is very effective in expanding Iqbal Studies. This will also widen the scope of research.