The Some Poetic Thoughts of Allama Muhammad Iqbal

  • Dr. Sadat Saeed Government College University, Lahore
Keywords: Allama Iqbal, Urdu Poetry, Urdu Prose, Social Evolution, Western Social System, Colonialism, Imperialism, Muslim World, Muslim Identity


The Poet of East Allama Muhammad Iqbal throughout his intellectual span of life, supported passions of progress for humanity at large. His thoughts expressed in his poetry and prose supported advancement of mankind on earth. He wrote precious articles advocating principals of movement for pushing forward human culture in static societies. For him those nations embraced their decline which could not move forward according to the needs of time. Through his pensive poetry collections and remarkable prose books he analysed states of regressions in human societies and pointed out how Man on earth can move forward in directions of achieving goals of real developments and social evolution. Allama Muhammad Iqbal viewed critically the unethical basis of imposed western social and political systems in colonised areas. His thoughts against imperialistic kinds of slavery were widely appreciated by the intellectuals of various countries.