The Najm-ul-Makateeb: Letters of Dr. Najm-ul-Islam

  • Dr. Zahid Munir Amir Oriental College, Punjab University, Lahore
Keywords: Dr Najm-ul-Islam, Deen-o-Adab, Do Ahang, Mutaliat, Tahqeeq, Scholarly Letters, Sindhi Poetry, Persian Poetry, Urdu Poetry, Editing Style


Dr Najm-ul-Islam (d:13 February 2001) was a renowned scholar. He obtained his PhD from Sindh University in1969. He wrote valuable research articles and edited a notable Urdu research journal “Tahqeeq” for several years. He had good command on Urdu, Persian, Sindhi and English. He translated Sindhi and Persian poetry to Urdu. His collections of research articles are captioned “Deen-o-Adab”, “Do Aahang” and “Mutaliat”. In this article, his letters are being produced, addressed to the author of this article. These letters throw light on his scholarly attitude towards literature and style of editing a research journal.