The Nagham Zar by Hafeez Jalandhari: A Study

  • Afsana Research Scholar, Department of Urdu Federal Urdu University, Islamabad
  • Dr. Zeenat Afshan Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu Federal Urdu University, Islamabad
Keywords: Abu Al- Asar Hafeez Jalandhari, Naghma Zar, National Anthem, Urdu Ghazal, Urdu Nazm, Urdu Songs, Romanticism.


Abu Al- Asar Hafeez Jalandhari was a distinguished poet and writer of Urdu language. He is best known for writing the lyrics of the national anthem of Pakistan. He contributed to various genres of Urdu literature, including poetry, “ghazals”,” nazms” (poems) and songs. His poetry often focused on themes of nationalism, patriotism, and the beauty of nature. He also wrote on social and religious issues, reflecting his personal beliefs and experiences. As a lyricist, he brought new dimensions to Urdu songs. His songs are out of the traditional themes. In this article, his collection of songs “Naghma Zar” has been analysed to know about his poetic craftsmanship.