Effects of Ismat Chaghtai on Fareha Arshad's Fiction

  • Dr Mushtaq Admad Imtiaz Professor / Head of Department, University of Sialkot
Keywords: Ismat Chughtai, Urdu Literature, Urdu Fiction, Fareha Arshad, Feminism, Women Rights, Sexual Violence


Ismat Chaghtai has a prominent status in Urdu fiction literature. He has presented a true picture of the events and tragedies that happen day and night in the society. Every writer has his own style which is adopted by later writers. Ismat Chaghtai is also counted among the writers whose style was followed. Fareha Arshad is a fiction writer in Urdu literature who adopted the style of Ismat's fiction. Fareha has written on women who are rendered helpless by poverty, sexual violence after seduction, and the state of the dancer. Fareha also gave place to such stories in her legends which are clearly visible in the society. This article discusses the elements of Fareha Arshad's fiction which seems to be influenced by Ismat Chaghtai's fiction