Application of Iqbal's Teachings in the Present Era

  • Dr. Khizra Tabbasum Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu Lahore College for Women University, Lahore
  • Dr. Sobia Manzoor Visiting Lecturer (Urdu) Punjab University, IER, Lahore
Keywords: Allama Iqbal, Iqbal's theory, Iqbal’s Teachings, Idea of Selfhood, Urdu Literature, Urdu Poetry, Urdu Prose.


Allama Iqbal's teachings are not specific to a particular time, a particular region or a particular race. Iqbal is a poet of every age. He guides the individual in the right direction and to shape him morally and spiritually. This individual training leads to collective training for them. A nation, a country or a society can be built together with individuals having good inner and moral training. When Iqbal's theory of self flourishes, moves forward, grows in an individual, enlightens his moral and spiritual values, then this individual goes ahead and applies all his spiritual and moral values ​​collectively. A human being can possess perfect qualities only when the idea of ​​selfhood is present in it with all its characteristics, while on the other hand, the promotion of the idea of ​​selfhood is possible in the same way if Iqbal's humanist man is aware of his position and at the time when he has achieved all the attributes in himself. Iqbal's ‘Mard-e-Momin’ uses his inner qualities according to his rank and ability and plays his role in the society. In other words, duties are assigned to each person according to his attributes and they are classified accordingly. In this paper, the teaching of Iqbal have been analysed regarding their application in the present era.