Text Editing: A Comparative Analysis of Some Important Texts

تدوین متن:چند اہم متون کا تقابلی جائزہ

  • Sajid Ali Ameer Ph. D Scholar, Department of Urdu, Riphah International University, Faisalabad
  • Dr Shabbir Ahmed Qadri HOD, Department of Urdu Riphah International University, Faisalabad
Keywords: Criticism, Research, Scientific, Universal, Literature, Hafiz Mahmood Sherani, Imtiyaz Ali khan Arshi, Rasheed Hassan Khan, Prefaces


Editing refers to arranging the text according to the author's intention and identifying the modifications and distortions in it and restoring the text to the state in which the author himself wrote it with the help of other authentic texts and evidence. The main thing is the text. The quality of criticism and research depends on the accuracy of the text. If seen in this sense, the importance of editing becomes clear. The rules and regulations of editing are not scientific and universal in nature. Amendments may be made. In the research study of Urdu language and literature in the first half of the 20th century, the names of Hafiz Mahmood Sherani Mudavvan "Majmua e Naghz", Imtiyaz Ali Khan Arshi Mudavvan "Dewan Ghalib" and Rasheed Hassan Khan Mudavvan"Bagh-o-Bahar" are found. These important authors of Urdu have edited different types of texts and tried to explain the principles and procedures of editing in their prefaces. While reviewing, comparisons will be made so that general principles of editing different types of texts can be brought out.


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