The Important Principles of Trial hearing in the light of Sharia

  • Hafiz Abdul Aziz Mujahid Islamic Studies


lConflicts are a natural phenomenon in society. Every society has a set of rules for settling disputes which are based on their religious and social customs. Islam is a complete code of life that guides its followers at all walks of life. Islam provides for the protection of the legitimate interests and rights of every person. The destruction of the right leads to the destruction of nations. When the judge distinguishes between rich and poor in deciding, no one can save the nation from destruction. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has described the destruction of nations to the unfair application of the law on the rich and the poor.

This article covers the basic principles of a trial hearing for a judge in the light of Sharia. The judge should find himself standing in the court of Allah when he sits on the seat of justice. The he should treat the parties equally. He has been ordered to equate his use of style and language. During the hearing, neither party felt that the judge was giving importance to the other party. The Shariah demands that the judge deal with justice between the parties. He should show equality between the parties in his attitude, eye gestures, and manner of speaking so that justice can be justified.

Key Words:     Important principles, Judge, Shariah , Parties

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