Aims and Objectives

Aims and Scope of Journal

Islamic Studies Research Journal Abḥāth" is a peer-reviewed academic publication dedicated to advancing scholarship in the field of Islamic studies. The Journal seeks to foster scholarly research and critical inquiry into various aspects of Islam and Muslim societies, including but not limited to:

Quranic Studies: Exploration of the Quran, its interpretation, exegesis, and its relevance to contemporary issues and challenges. This includes studies on the Quran's language, structure, and themes, as well as comparative studies with other religious texts.

Hadith Studies: Examination of the Hadith literature, its compilation, transmission, and authentication, as well as its role in shaping Islamic law, ethics, and theology. This also includes studies on the biographies of Hadith narrators and the methodology of Hadith scholarship.

Islamic Thought and Philosophy: Exploration of classical and contemporary Islamic thought, philosophy, and theology, including the works of prominent Islamic scholars and philosophers.

Islamic History and Civilization: Examination of the historical development of Islam and Muslim societies, including the study of Islamic empires, cultures, and civilizations.

Islamic Law and Jurisprudence: Analysis of Islamic law (Sharia) and jurisprudence (Fiqh), including its principles, interpretations, and applications in contemporary contexts.

Islamic Ethics and Morality: Discussion of Islamic ethics, morality, and values, and their relevance to individual behavior and societal norms.

Muslim Societies and Cultures: Examination of the diverse cultures, practices, and traditions within Muslim societies, including issues related to gender, identity, and modernity.

Islamic Art, Architecture, and Literature: Study of Islamic art, architecture, literature, and other forms of cultural expression, including their historical and contemporary significance.

Contemporary Issues in Islam: Analysis of contemporary challenges and debates within the Muslim world, including issues related to politics, economics, environment, and social justice.