Human Socialization and Role of Islam in Personality Development

  • Mumtaz Ahmed Jasvi Student
  • Ashfaq Ahmad Assistant Professor, Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan
Keywords: Human Socialization, Character Building, Nature and Nurture, Social Values, Instinctive


Socialization is a learning process which takes place informally in man’s life from his birth to his death. The process affects in both ways: positive and negative. Positive form of socialization gives fruitful results and negative form promotes anti-social activities. A religion has pivotal role in a society. One of many social functions of a religion is its social training of a man. Religious beliefs help in nurturing a child mentally, psychologically and in some ways physically. For socialization purposes, a religion has basic role. Islam influences on one’s character in different ways. In one’s whole life, it grants many social, personal and ritual values. After studying the available data and work done already on this topic, it was felt that there was need to explain the role of Islam in improving one’s personality. The main objective of this study is to highlight the Islamic ways of socialization. The research question of this study is that, what is the role of Islam in personality development? A descriptive research method has been used for this study.

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