Hadith-e Khurasān IS (Islamic State) Stance with Special Reference to Ghazwah- e Hind

  • Muhammad Kalim Ullah Khan Kalim University of Management and Technology, Sialkot Campus
Keywords: Islamic State, Ideologies, Resurrection, Violence, Ghazwah- e Hind


The ideological concept of “Hadith-e Khurasān and Ghazwah- e Hind” is not new but it was made ambiguous by different interpretations. This article examines the impact of those particular interpretations. It is pointed out that a different group specifically IS (Islamic State) is using that concept to take the sympathies and empathies from extremists groups. It is argued that the IS phenomenon is an ideological war against the Muslim countries which was imposed by foreign agenda. However, the concept of IS ideology on Ghazwah- e Hind has no support instead of the promotion of extreme ideology. This article analysis the concept of Hadith-e Khurasān and correlate it with the sign of resurrection.

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