Role of Jhang Scholars in the Movement of Khatm-e-Navowat 1947 (Analytical Studies)

Muhammad Tahir Aarbi ,M.Mudassar Shafique Aarbi

  • Muhammad Tahir Aarbi , M.Mudassar Shafique Aarbi
Keywords: Prophet hood, Khahtm e Nabowat, Qadiani, Jhang, Struggle of the Islamic Scholars


The Holy Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) personality is the key part of  the Muslim belief. One can’t be Muslim without respecting and believing him the last prophet of Allah. A few people claimed themselves “Nabi and Rasool” in his (P.B.U.H) life. He strictly denounced their claim and later on,his followers fought against those liars who claimed it and declared Jihad against them. The Holy Quran and sayings of the Holy Prophet mention that he is the last Prophet of Allah and he who does not faith in him, is disbeliever. In the beginning of the 19th century, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed himself Nabi. He was strictly condemned and refused by Ulamas and Sufies of that time. They challenged and gave him tough time. No serious action could be taken against Mirza at Govt. level because Qadyani movement was supported and shadowed by the British Government.

After the creation of Pakistan, they Qadyani activities were continuously increased and established their head quarter in Rabwa, Jhang district, Punjab .A severe attempt was made in 1953 to restrain their activities but it could not be fruitful due to Qadyani’s surprise infusion in the elite, decision making class at Govt. level.People of Pakistan launched Khatm e Nabowat movement peacefully but thousands of Muslims were martyred. Movement of  Khatm e Nabowat demanding  “Qadyanie’s as Non Muslims “ again launched in 1974. Tehreek eKhatm e Nabowat spread countrywide .

 Luckily, A large number of Ulamas were the member of assemblies, pressure was built up by the masses and opposition out side and in side the assembly.Ulam e Jhang also played very important role in this movement because base head quarter of Qadyani movement was in District Jhang. So, the people of Jhang were directly infected.

In this article, We discussed sacrifices and struggle of Ulama e Jhang who led meetings,  processions and speeches to inform people about the  importance of Khatm e Nabwat.

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