Protection of Wealth In the light of Objectives of Sharia

M.Usman Maqbool , M.Farooq Haidar

  • M.Usman Maqbool , M.Farooq Haidar
Keywords: Quran, Hadith ,Security, Wealth, fair and unfair means


 Being a Muslim we have firm belief that we must  get the thing which is destined .It all depends a man how he/she strives to attain that thing as early as possible. In Islamic   shariah the thing which is valuable is called the wealth or any other commodities. The approach towards this wealth through fair way is lawful. while earning through unfair means is Unlawful in Islam. while Islam emphases on the acquisition of that wealth and directs to give the reward to labor on time. This article highlights the Qur’anic concept of security of wealth and the fair means of earning. Earning and searching of provision are admissible in the light of the Qur’an because they addressed with the security of human beings directly.

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